Unit 9 Reading Response

This week we were to read “Designing for iOS” and “Designing a Mobile App? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes“.

The first article goes over the important bits of information to know and keep in mind when desiging for iPads and iPhones.  What I most took out of this article was the mention of button size and placement. It said the target size of a button should be 44pt x 44pt (Apple’s designated finger-size), and buttons should not be posed too close together (nor too far–balance is key) to avoid accidental taps.  In addition it talked about relation between the screen sizes of apple products and what to consider when designing flexible layouts:

  • you may have a separate app for iPad than iPhone or one universal app (depends on the app content/use)
  • when designing for iPhone 5 and it’s predecessors you need to keep in mind what should stretch and what should be fixe- size
  • iPad Mini is a smaller screen but the same resolution, meaning the screen size is the same, but your button target size will be smaller–so be wary of small hit targets.Image

(make sure to indicate to the devloper what should be fixed and which is flexible; this is called layout constraints)


The second reading went over 10 common mistakes to avoid when desiging an app:

  1. Don’t begin wireframes or designs without a flowmap
  2. Don’t disregard the development budget
  3. Don’t start with low resolutions & avoid bitmaps
  4. Don’t undersize the hit area
  5. Don’t gratuitously use intro animations
  6. Don’t leave users hanging
  7. Don’t blindly copy style from other operating systems
  8. Don’t overstuff pixel-dense screens
  9. Don’t assume everyone will use your app the same way you do
  10. Don’t forget about gestures but don’t abuse them either

It basically comes down to carefully designing the app, not skipping corners or testing, to achieve the best possible outcome.

(Side note: loved how nice and responsive Mashable site is)

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