Clique Rescue – Mobile App Definition

Clique Rescue is an app designed to save ladies from bad dates, questionable outfit choices, and alcohol-vision decisions.

This tool is created for females from 18-28 to use in a “date” or “night out on the town” setting.  The main feature of this app will be the alert button.  This button, when pressed, will alert their designated friends or clique.  When these friends receive an alert, they will know that the friend needs to be saved: either from a bad date, creepy guy at the bar/club, or just an awkward situation.  From their the friend can decide the appropriate following action–whether it be a call or walking over to them at the bar or club.

In addition to this main feature, there is also a sub-feature of communication options.  These include:

  • Message page for cliques to talk to each other (ideal for bachelorette party or barhopping situation, where there is a bunch of people in a group who need to communicate on where they are going next)
  • Voting page for opinions on outfits (women love to have second opinions on their outfits, and this will keep some fashion disaster from leaving the house)
  • Voting page for opinions on “cute” guys (this will prevent the possibility of alcohol-blurred vision that leads to bad choices)

Overall this app provides fast and easy communication without the hassle and confusion of group texts.


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