Unit 7 Reading Response

This week’s reading was a brief, but to the point, article entitled “What The Heck is Responsive Web Design?” by John Polacek.

Responsive web design is where the website automatically adjust it’s size and layout based on the size of the browser.  This allows for seamless integration to mobile devices, creating a smooth and easy experience for the user.  I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with having to zoom into someone’s site who did not think about mobile application.  Speaking of, one of the easiest (arguably) best practices to start, is thinking mobile first.  Design for the small screen first, and the desktop version after.  Users do not want a dumbed down version of the full desktop version.  The same information should be available on all versions of your site–just layed out appropriately for the window size.

In this day and age there really is no reason to not be thinking in terms of mobile first and ensuring your website is responsive.  There are many websites and articles out there to help make the adjustment easier.

Some sites include:

Twitter Bootstrap (Many responsive templates/grids to use–all with great documentation):

Screenqueries is a tool to test the responsiveness of your site:

11 Responsive Web Design Testing Tools:


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