Unit 4: Reading

This unit’s reading assignment covered chapters 7 of Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.

In Chapter Seven of Don’t Make Me Think, the author discusses the importance of simplifying and focusing on how your home or landing page appears.  The mission of the home page is:

  1. to make sure it portrays the site’s identity and intent
  2. provide site hierarchy
  3. include a prominently displayed search box
  4. provide things to inspire you to look through the whole site
  5. Include relevant and current content, current promotions or deals
  6. Include shortcuts to key information

In addition to these posts, there are also abstract objectives to satisfy a users needs quickly.  It should make the path for a user to find the information they seek easily identifiable–as well as what they are NOT looking for.  This is accomplished through showing where to begin and establishing credibility and trust.

Only the most important information should be displayed on a homepage–it’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! This is the first thing user will see–and therefore it is very valuable real estate on your site.  It should be considered as such.  Only the best of the best get to live on the front page.

The best way to describe the home page in my opinion is in these words “with great power comes great responsibility.”  The home page wields great power, therefore it is very important to make the most of that space (or your whole site is at risk of being void).

The homepage is the super hero of your website.


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